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I’ve been mesmerised by Merrilee Liddiard’s DIY creations for a while now and was thrilled to get my mitts on her wonderful book ‘Playful’.  From playful dress-up and resourceful recycling to home-made toys and paper crafts there are 26 lovely things to make for children.  It’s a great book with beautiful photography and most importantly: really imaginative projects.

Playful Village | Playful Tiger Pinata |

Playful Bird Costume | Playful Puppets |

Armed with some large cardboard boxes and an array of colourful duck tape, I had a shot at making Merrilee’s ‘Cardboard Brownstone Dollhouse’.  The instructions are super easy to follow with pull out templates for each of the projects in the back of the book.  Personal touches can also be added as you go along so that you can really make this project your own, and of course you can go to town on making a dreamy interior – much more affordable when you only need an A4 sheet of beautiful wallpaper or a 1 inch Beni Ourain!  If you’re a bit of a perfectionist you’ll find that some bits require a little patience as they’re a bit fiddly if you want to get them looking good, i.e. gaffer taping round the windows, but fiddly bits aside, this project is really fun! It also makes a great homemade birthday present for a niece, nephew or god child.



If this project tickles your fancy, I’d really recommend getting the book, but there’s also loads of inspiration over on Merrilee’s blog Mer Mag.

As always, if you make something I’d love to see it!  Share images of what you’ve whipped up this month using the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf.

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