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They say that practice makes perfect … I attended one of Quill London’s brilliant Modern Calligraphy workshops last September and quickly found the practice at home really therapeutic, so when my brother Jamie asked if I’d calligraph 160 place cards for his wedding next month I jumped at the chance – that was May’s project sorted!

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Me & Jamie

At the outset I couldn’t see how this challenge could be THAT difficult, it was only when I started, and realised that if I was going to do them to a standard I was really happy with, I could bash out a very unspeedy … FOUR NAMES PER HOUR.  A quick bit of maths meant that this month’s project was going to take at least 40 hours…oops! But as May passed and the deadline loomed, I did get quicker and better at it – I was really enjoying it.  So much so that I’m going to stick at it and see if calligraphy is something I can get really good at.

In addition to Quill London’s workshop, which lets you take your pen and ink away with you so that you have the basic supplies you need, the other things in my calligraphy arsenal are Chiara Perano’s book ‘Nib & Ink’, and Lindsey Bugbee’s brilliant blog The Postman’s Knock – it’s jam-packed with tutorials and helpful tips to help you learn and improve your scribbling skills.

 Modern Calligraphy Tutorials at The Postman's Knock Brilliant Modern Calligraphy Book, Nib & Ink from Lamplighter London Modern Calligraphy Workshops & Supplies from Quill London

For modern calligraphy supplies, head over to Quill London’s dangerously addictive online store.  I’d also recommend buying one of Rhodia’s Notebooks too – it’s the perfect paper to practice on as it’s lovely and smooth and the ink doesn’t bleed.  There’s also heaps of inspiration over on our Modern Calligraphy pinterest board:

If you haven’t tried Calligraphy before, I urge you to give it a go … I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!  Share pictures of your scribbling success with the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf so that I can see what you’ve been up to.

Also, if you have any modern calligraphy tips, tutorials or workshops to recommend, I’d love to know.

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