I’ve been itching to make one of these Giant Paper Flowers ever since spotting them on Design Sponge.

Ruche Giant Paper Flower DIY on Design Sponge

These huge flowers make brilliant props and beautiful backdrops.  They could even make an awesome Mother’s Day present.

To make these amazing flowers I followed Ruche’s Giant Paper Flower Tutorial.   Materials-wise you do need quite a few things that you’re unlikely to find lying around at home – 5″ wide stucco corner and 20 gauge tie wire – but nothing a trip to B&Q can’t handle.  I got my tissue paper from ‘triple decker Paperchase’, the massive one on Tottenham Court Road.   It has a really good range of ‘earthy’ tissue paper colours and loads of other crafty stuff up on the top floor.  Once you’ve got all the bits, whipping up these amazing flowers doesn’t take that long at all – the illustrated step-by-step instructions are really easy to follow and ending up with the world’s largest flower is pretty satisfying.

Making a Giant Paper Flower for the #MadeWithMolly Challenge

If you want to get stuck into paper flower making – they don’t have to be huge and they can also be utterly beautiful – there’s bags of inspiration below…

Try ‘A Petal Unfolds’ Paper Flower Workshop in London.  From £49 for a two hour workshop.


Or get your hands on one of these books …

02_Paper Flowers_Book_Paper to Petal_900W_Portrait02_Paper Flowers_Book_The Fine Art of Paper Flowers_Cover Image_900W_PORTRAIT

Check out these incredible paper flower artists on Instagram:

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There’s also bundles of inspiration on our Paper Flower Inspiration board on Pinterest:

For supplies, the paper flower making section of Little Crafty Bugs online store is a good place to start.

I can’t wait to see what you make!

Share pictures of your floral success using the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf.  I’d also love to know which paper flower tutorials and workshops you’ve tried and recommend.


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