Beautiful cactus cookies from http://www.brit.co/cactus-sugar-cookies/I love a good cactus, and earlier in the year spotted these bad boys!  With Christmas fast approaching and an army of Grannies, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins to buy presents for, I decided that this Christmas was going to be a homemade one.  Iced biscuits for all!

To get started I headed to The Biscuiteers Bake Love Blog – it’s a fountain of iced biscuit knowledge.  I used their delicious ‘Easy Vanilla Biscuit Recipe’ and then watched their ‘How To Ice Biscuits’ videos like a hawk.

It’s worth pointing out here that while I had a lot of people to make biscuits for, I didn’t need to make four batches of biscuit dough … I’d made enough to feed the five thousand and would have been better off starting with just one batch. Anyhoo – onto the icing vid:

As you’ll see from the video you need quite a bit of kit; squeezy bottles, disposable icing bags, an array of food colouring and more, but it’s definitely worth investing in as once you’ve made these – you’ll definitely want to make more.  If you don’t already have these bits and bobs at home, you’ll find everything you need here in Lakeland’s online store.  The Biscuiteers also sell a handy Rainy Day Icing Kit.  It might also be worth getting some fun shaped cookie cutters, but as I found out this isn’t essential – I was pushed for time, so ended up making my own paper templates which I lay on the rolled out dough and cut round them with a knife – less of a nightmare than it sounds.

Molly & The Wolf's Cactus Cookies, Fresh Out The Oven.

Once my biscuits emerged from the oven looking a little bit cactus-like, it was time for the fun to begin!  Despite my line icing coming out pretty wiggly (shaky hands – probably from excitement) the icing techniques were way easier than I thought they’d be, and after four hours in baking and icing heaven, this was the result:

12_MOLLY BISCUITS_1110x1110

This would be a really fun project to do with friends or little ones – I massively recommend it.  If you whip up some iced biscuits, I’d love to see!  Share images of your sweet success using the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf.

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