Life Drawing Classes at the Ugly Duck in BermondseyI’m the first to admit that life drawing isn’t something I’m particularly comfortable with – it’s not the nakedness, just the fact that I haven’t picked up a pencil since leaving school and was always rubbish at drawing people. I guess I was worried that if I went to a life drawing class someone might see my stick man and snigger!

This month however, it’s time to put aside my fears … my great friend Laura has convinced me to kick off my second year of making with life drawing classes. She’s wooed me with the fact that the class is located right next door to our favourite restaurant, 40 Maltby Street, so if I’m good we’re allowed to go there afterwards.

Molly Life Drawing at the Ugly Duck in Bermondsey.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about …

Xanthe, the lovely lady who runs the class, gave us a warm welcome and offered us a bunch of supplies in case we hadn’t bought our own.  I was also relieved to find that I wasn’t the only beginner, there were all sorts of people here from novices like me right through to the most amazing artists.  Having found a good spot to sit in I desperately hoped I wouldn’t get a fit of the nervous giggles … so far so good …

The class is untutored and we start with four, five minute poses, then two slightly longer ones followed by a tea break (free biscuits!) and a final 50 minute pose.  Despite finding the shorter poses really tricky – and this is where I could probably do with a bit of tuition – I’d forgotten how good it feels to draw.  I found myself concentrating so hard that by the end of the class I hadn’t thought about anything else for a full two hours.  I didn’t think I’d find myself saying this, but I really loved the class and I’m definitely inspired to try more to see if I can improve.  There won’t be any pictures of those stick men ’til I do!

The classes are at Ugly Duck in Bermondsey every Wednesday evening, £8 for 2 hours … bargain!  You don’t need to book, just rock up and pay on the day.

If you try a life drawing class this month I’d love to know how it went.  Share images of your sketching success using the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf.

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