When I think of homemade films, I think of chunky black video recorders and VHS tapes taunting me with embarrassing memories of the eighties.  I’d always hope that someone would accidentally record an episode of Blind Date over the top of it or that it might be swallowed up in the video player!  Safe to say, making my own films certainly wasn’t on my list of what I’d like to make this year, but it’s funny how things turn out … I’m always asking around for ideas for next month’s project and a friend suggested I check out Xanthe Berkeley’s ‘Make Films Course’, so expecting the worse I had a peek – it was breathtaking!  Ten minutes and £97 later I was signed up for Xanthe’s ten week Make Films Course.

This is without a doubt one of the best 97 pounds I’ve ever spent – you get bucket loads for your money.  Xanthe makes all sorts of wonderful films from stop motions and time lapses to slow mo stories, video portraits and more.  Lots of them are just 15 seconds long, and over her ten week Make Films Course she takes you through her step by step process so you can learn to make them too.

They’re not just about family or personal films – although I have had such a fun summer documenting some of my favourite trips – I was particularly keen to learn how to use them to promote Molly & The Wolf which was a toy shop at the time, and to my amazement – whenever I made a video about a product, it sold out!

The real beauty of this course is how it makes you view everything with new eyes.  It’s also a bit weird as you feel like you get to know Xanthe really well and then realise you’ve never met her … I can’t recommend this course highly enough – also give her a follow on Instagram and it will bring you daily joy.

If you try Xanthe’s Make Films Course I’d love to know.  Tag your movies with the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf.

Here are some of the videos I’ve whipped up.  Everything has been shot on an Iphone 5S and edited in IMovie:

Wolf’s Weekend in Cornwall from Molly Wemyss on Vimeo.

Dino Book from Molly Wemyss on Vimeo.

Glastonbury 2016 from Molly Wemyss on Vimeo.

Flowery Fireworks Night_1 from Molly Wemyss on Vimeo.

Vida Festival 2016 – Dr. Handy’s Dandy Candy from Molly Wemyss on Vimeo.

Fabelab Advent Calendar, In The Woods, Molly & The Wolf from Molly Wemyss on Vimeo.

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