Seville Oranges at Borough Market

One of the highlights of my childhood was going for ‘a granny tea’.  Granny’s teas are not for the faint hearted … we’d arrive at my grandparents’ house and be greeted with the smell of freshly baked scones, biscuits and an array of delicious cakes, but the best bit was the homemade jams – they were out of this world.

This month, in honour of Granny’s excellent preserving skills i’m going to try making my own jam … and with January comes Seville oranges, perfect for trying my hand at Marmalade Making.



Luckily, granny has offered up her Marmalade recipe and Wolf is good at squeezing oranges … so here goes:

Granny's Marmalade

Molly & The Wolf's Homemade Seville Orange Marmalade

My labels were made by cutting a lime in half, drying it out a little, giving it a wash of orangey coloured paint, and then stamping it onto card.  I used a calligraphy pen for the text and finished it off by giving it a little kraft paper hat.  A pot of homemade marmalade makes a brilliant present, so this is well worth the effort!


You’ll find all the supplies you’ll need (minus the oranges) in the preserving section of Lakeland’s online store.  I also have a little penchant for the Borough Cook Shop, but it’s probably not the cheapest place for buying the basics.  My excuse is that it’s near my house and the seville orange stall is right next door!

If you’re after some jammy inspiration, check out our Preserving & Pickling Inspiration board on Pinterest.  There’s lots of great jam recipes, packaging ideas and of course the odd scone recipe to get you started:

If you try out Granny’s Marmalade Recipe I’d love to see!  Share pictures of your sticky success using the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf.

Also, if you’ve got any great preserving tips or recipes, or if you’re joining in with our monthly making challenge I’d love to know!


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