10_PAINTED PUMPKINS_LANDSCAPEFor Hallowe’en last year I carved a ‘Death Star’ pumpkin.  I’m not going to lie … I was pretty proud of it and thought my carving career should probably end there, on a high.  So what to make for Hallowe’en this year?

This question was quickly answered after popping into Sainsbury’s … I’d spotted their ‘mini’ pumpkins.  I’m pretty sure they were put there specially for people like me, who can’t resist a miniature version of something. But what could I do with them? It seemed too cruel to carve them up or cook them when they were so small…

On returning a home, a little scurry about on Pinterest threw up some utterly beautiful painted pumpkins, and so I set to it. I used some fairly hardy white ‘wall’ paint to prime my pumpkins and once that was dry, used some coloured acrylics to add detail. I also got a bit nerdy and hunted down some gold paint to finish off the stalks. Worth it I think!

For plenty of Painted Pumpkin inspiration check out our Hallowe’en Pinterest Board, and if you have a shot at making these I’d love to see … share pictures of your squashy success using the hashtag #MadeWithMolly and tag us @mollyandthewolf.

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