Wolf’s Basket of Arts & Craft Supplies  |  Molly & The Wolf
Wolf’s Basket of Arts & Craft Supplies  |  Molly & The Wolf



Wolf's Basket of Arts & Craft Supplies is based on the best birthday present that my parents ever gave me…

I was eight years old when we spent the summer holidays on the west coast of Scotland.  While we were there we had a lovely artist staying with us who kindly let me sit with her when she went out and painted … she also let me tuck into her incredible range of materials so that I could paint too.  I always remember her telling me that grass didn't need to be green: I could make it whatever colour I liked!

When my birthday arrived later that year, I opened my bedroom door and there lying on my bed was an enormous A1 sketchbook with a box full of the most amazing artist-quality paints, inks, charcoal, brushes and crayons.  I was utterly ecstatic and it really fuelled my creativity.  Now I was a proper artist.

This lovely wicker basket is just the same. It is full of artist-quality supplies for making Wolf’s Craft Kits; and what's more, it makes a fantastic gift.   Each product has been tried and tested to ensure that it does what we want it to do … the paint works beautifully on wood as well as paper, the scissors cut through cardboard and cloth, the glue works brilliantly on fabric as well as other materials and so on…  If you're giving one of our craft kits as a present, or are running low on art supplies at home, this Basket of Arts & Craft Supplies can make a brilliant add on.  With a little imagination you'll be able to make all sorts of things!

Wolf's Basket of Arts & Craft Supplies includes:  12″ wicker basket so that you can keep everything together in one place; 6 x 75ml tubes of non toxic acrylic paint in red, yellow, blue, green, white and black; a selection of paint brushes; 12 x colouring pencils, 2 x HB pencils; 1 x washable marker pen; a pair of multipurpose scissors; glitter, 180ml of PVA glue, pritt stick, sellotape, double-sided sticky tape, masking tape, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and a 15cm ruler.

– Not suitable for children under 3 years.

– Scissors only to be used with adult supervision.

– Delivery costs £2.95 per order.


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